Manufacturers Of Quality Hardwood Lumber

“nature’s only renewable resource”

about us

Located In Shinglehouse Pennsylvania In The State’s Legendary Northern Allegheny Forest Region Resource

RAM manufactures over 24 Million Board Feet (56,603 m3) annually of Northern Appalachian Hardwoods, principally in the species of: Red Oak, White Ash, Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Cherry.  We ensure reliability by selling only our self-produced items, guaranteeing uniform product quality from the initial to the 20th load.

We harvest logs within a specific radius, leading to consistent and even product quality across multiple loads, fostering reliability and predictability. We provide well-manufactured, top-tier products sourced from premium North American forests, assuring customers of exceptional quality and value.

Numbers speak Volumes

bd. ft. ( 58,993m3 ) of kiln dried lumber annually
 bd. ft. ( 3,540m3 ) kiln capacity
bd. ft. ( 7,075m3 ) continuous kiln dried inventory year round
 Bay Bin Sorter on the kiln dried line